Sanita Gipsy Antibacterial Liquid Soap

Refreshing and cleansing soap with antibacterial agent listed in the indirect food additives by the FDA, with chamomile and vitamin E for skin moisture

500 ml, 3.6 Liters

Forest fever
Fruit fusion
Oriental charm
Rain flower
Rose muguet
White tea

Sanita-Gipsy-Antibacterial-Liquid-Soap-2.jpg Sanita-Gipsy-Antibacterial-Liquid-Soap-3.jpg Sanita-Gipsy-Antibacterial-Liquid-Soap-3.png Sanita-Gipsy-Antibacterial-Liquid-Soap-4.png Sanita-Gipsy-Antibacterial-Liquid-Soap-5.png